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Thanks, everyone, for the compliments & for the tips and suggestions along the way.

This will likely be the last update for this thread as the mill is complete.   I may do a touch more weathering, and I need to clean-up the spackle around the windows, but it's all done and fully operational.  I'll do a second post with the video, but will start with some pics in this one.

Here's the mill with the lights running and the wheel complete/attached.  Looking in from the wheel side:


...and from the loading side:


a look at the "grinding stone" itself:


Here's a close-up of the wheel with the "bolts" and "steel" plate installed:


The environment around the mill is not complete, but here's how the mill will be situated:



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Regarding prototypes:  We have a few operating waterwheel mills in Delaware.  One, Greenbank Mill up near Wilmington, was burned down to the stone walls by arsonists nearly 50 years ago, but a society was formed to rebuild the interior to original specifications and functions - best of all, it is across the street from the Wilmington & Western Railroad parking lot.  I try to plan a visit for when the mill is running and coincides with Pufferbelly Day on the W&W.  There is also Abbott's Mill at the south end of the state, which is open for tours and operates one or two Saturdays of the month in the warmer parts of the year.  Very neat to be inside a water mill when the gears are engaged - the whole building seems to come alive.

Regarding your model:  Very neat project for a train layout - between the operating wheel and the detailed interior, quite a showpiece!


coach joe posted:

Dustin, thanks again for sharing your build.  The results are fantastic, I believe the wheel rotation depicts a very real flow across the "paddles".  It's going to look great once the harbor is complete.


Thanks!  I'm pleased with how it came out.   It's motivated me to continue work on the harbor, so that I can finish it and get the mill fully installed.  Right now the harbor is looking a little busy so I'm considering whether I want to delete any of the elements for a more open/less crowded feel.


mike g. posted:

Dustin, what great work! That is really going to steal the show on your layout! Makes me want to do something special, but I have to many ideas to pick from! LOL Great Job!


 Me too!   I have a backlog of projects you wouldn't believe... so whatever ones seem most interesting at the moment kind of floats to the top.  Usually I have 3-4 builds/projects going at a time so I can bounce between them.   Really helps me to go work on something else if I get stuck. so I can make progress elsewhere until inspiration and/or epiphanies strike.


DAVID98 posted:

Regarding your model:  Very neat project for a train layout - between the operating wheel and the detailed interior, quite a showpiece!




@Dave Zucal posted:

Dustin, Beautiful work. Adding a speaker with an Mp3 player for the sounds of the falls and the water wheel's paddles would be the icing on the cake. Now, when you find a few elves you can put to work producing them, I want one.

Thanks, guys, for the compliments!   

Dave, the sound file and speaker idea is on my list... eventually I want a foghorn for the lighthouse and some complimentary sound effects for the mill.   My thinking is they'll all be individually operated by push buttons.   Too many sounds running continuously will just be a cacophony!

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