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Hey Guys,

The little flea market train shop near me has just about run out of interesting standard 0 Gauge cars.  But, they do have about 30 tintype cars.  Most are attic quality,  all there and working but with splotches of rust here and there.

I was thinking about adding a short tintype train to run on my tracks, but of course I have standard 031 track.

Do any of the tintype cars run on standard 031 track?  Is there a particular brand, number designation or other identifying feature on the cars that would let me know which ones to buy for 031?

Thanks very much.


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@RoyBoy posted:

Yeah, probably. but he compared them with "standard O gauge cars", so I thought maybe he was differentiating between different types of tinplate. But I guess me meant modern cars. Early Lionel or tinplate was of course specifically designed to run on O-31. ( At least until the mid-thirties and the Hiawatha) A more pertinent question is will "standard O gauge" run on O-31. We'll get Manny up to speed on the nomenclature.

So Manny you should be good unless its a Hiawatha or a 1937 Hudson!

@Will A/F also produced Hudsons, Hiawatha's, City of Denvers & Burlington's starting about 1936 until about 1939. Some of these sets in 1936 ran on 40" 4 rail track where the 4th rail was centered between the normal 3 rail's middle and outer rail.  That 4th rail was what energized the whistle.  I know the Hudson will derail on 031 curves but haven't tried any of the others.

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