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Here's some info I've gathered over the years:

There was a Hiawatha 4-4-2 (without Indian on tender) sold by Weaver in 2001, #1093-S/L/LP

There were other variations (engine numbers & Indian on tender) sold in 2001 as #1095-S/L/LP

The Hiawatha 5-car passenger set, #1231-S/L, was first marketed in 2000, and marketed (manufactured?) again in 2004, but perhaps with a different set #1276-S/L.

Catalogs from 2009 to the end only show the #1276-S/L passenger set.  Can't vouch for reliability of info, so take it for what it's worth.


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OK, after looking at a few more Weaver documents, the database I was looking at did not contain the PN #1230 (ribbed side with finned beaver-tail) which, along with the PN #1231 (smooth side with classic beavertail) was available in 2001.  From this additional data, I was able to discern that the -S/L/LP stood for 2-rail, 3-rail without sound, and 3-rail with sound, respectively.  Of course, the LP wasn't used with cars or car sets.

I also noticed that some of the Hiawatha cars were available as separate sale cars during same time period as PN #1613 through #1616.

Finally, this document shows several engines, including both Hiawatha types (4-4-2 & 4-6-4), as newly featuring Railsounds and TMCC in 2001.  Hope this helps.


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According to my Weaver catalog collection (which ends in 1996) the 4-6-4 Hiawatha was offered in November 1995.  The designation was QC1080L for the 3 rail, QC1080S for 2 rail and QC1080LP*** for the engine with MTH protosound.  The engines were controlled with a QSI DCRU board.

***My error - that should have read QC1080LP - not, as I originally posted "LS"  - that's the trouble with trying to look at the box labels and the price sheets all at once. Sorry for the confusion.

The cars were obviously offered later.  The first versions did not have interiors.

The first ribbed 5 car set was G1230-L which contained an observation, express tap, parlor, coach, and diner.  There were two add on cars G1615L and G1616L  (for the two rail versions the suffix was "S").

  G1615L was a named car - Chandler.  I don't know the specifics concerning G1616L

  The two rail version of the 5 car set was designated G1231-L

  Below is the G1230-L set with a G1615L add on - the Chandler is the bottom car in the second picture.





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Things just keep getting curiouser and curiouser.  Currently up for auction at Mr. Muffins is a Weaver #QC1079-LP (as opposed to -LS as noted above) for a B&O Cincinnatian 4-6-2 (a Beauty) with Protosounds and a DCRU for reversing.  But, based on what I saw earlier with the two Hiawatha engines, -LP should have stood for Railsounds and TMCC equipped.  Could it be that the -LP stood for 3-rail with Protosounds, and when Weaver switched over to TMCC and Railsounds, they just kept using the same codes?  Wonder if they ever changed that code after 2001 to reflect the TMCC / Railsounds switch (like -LT or -LR)?


@Dougklink posted:

That's really cool.  I notice your cars have an interior too.  Thanks to all for the help, I'm going to look at the set today.

The car behind my Atlantic is a Lionel 18” car. Lionel made that set around 2007 and it came as a 4 car set, 2 car add on plus a Station Sounds Diner. They come up occasionally.  Not a great color match though. MTH has also made a number of 18” cars both streamline and heavyweight in various maroon and orange schemes with interiors and figures.


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well I have gotten back into 3 rail O scale (High Rail) , after a 50 year absence. and have just Picked up 2 Weaver Hiawatha sets     The  first  ( 5 car set) is the (reading from the box) G1230-L  ribbed sides with a finned Beaver Tail  , for the 1938/39 Hiawatha .   The second set  is #61231-S  Smooth sided cars, 2 ribs with a 4 window Beaver Tail , For the 1936 Hiawatha.    I am looking for any additional  cars for the sets as well as the first set if cars from the 1934/35 Hiawatha ( waoild be smooth sided with arched windows

Here's the loco box.  Wound up being the 4-6-4, so still looking for a Weaver 4-4-2.   This one is beautiful too, just didn't match the smooth side car set in the last post.  I still snagged it of course.  Runs great with tmcc and good sound but the  smoke unit is pretty weak compared to my MTH Hudson with fan forced smoke and chuff timing.  But I think the model itself is superior in detail.PXL_20210613_204415745~2


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@Norton posted:

All I know about them is they were for sale at York and beyond my price point. When I asked why the price was so high, almost double what a typical set of Weaver cars go for, he pointed out they had interiors and figures which they did. Pretty sure they were factory but have no proof they were.


Thanks, I don't think any Weaver aluminum passenger cars came from the factory with interiors and figures. Weaver was long out of the business when MTH finally installed figures in their plastic cars, and their aluminum cars never had interiors.

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