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As you might know I like (and collect) the cars of the luxury CIWL trains that ran in Europe. Here is a very simple small tinplate blue sleeping car that was made by Grötsch from Germany in the fifties; it runs on H0 gauge rails.

For comparison I photographed it next to an (almost finished) sleeping car in 1 gauge that I made from a kit (no tinplate):


Many pictures of the 1 gauge CIWL car can be seen here  and in the video:




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Nothing fancy in legitimate collectingwise for me this week but I did get one item locally that although tinplate is not O gauge ...

but I could not leave it sitting there all sad and alone so it had to come home with me ..

A Lines Bros Triang Express ride on for toddlers or pull train for older kids from the 50's

Unfortunately his factory nose took a beating from a previous generation and was replaced in a bodgy repair .. but he was obviously well loved !

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The Cabo King strikes again.  Some may remember that I've been intrigued by two continental manufacturers --Kibri and Cabo.  Each made wonderful painted tinplate stations and had a history dating back to the late 19th century.  Many of us know Kibri as a producer of HO plastic.  But back in the prewar period from 1920-1940 they produced both large and small metal stations.  The pictured 52-3 is an example of Kibri at its finest.

But Cabo is virtually unknown and their large stations give Kibri a run for its money.  I own two large ones pictured below. (last 4 photos). Note the differences between the "balcony" and the "3 window" versions. I know of two other variations of this same station, but that is another story. Lew Schneider52-3 6 Barclay AN MANOIL HEAD ON ExcCabo Grand station Balcony 2 Excellent copyBalcony Cabo Close Up on LayoutCabo 3 Windows 1 Clock Front MineCabo 3 Windows 1 Clock Rear 2 Mine


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  • 52-3 6 Barclay AN MANOIL HEAD ON Exc
  • Cabo Grand station Balcony 2 Excellent copy
  • Balcony Cabo Close Up on Layout
  • Cabo 3 Windows 1 Clock Front Mine
  • Cabo 3 Windows 1 Clock Rear 2 Mine

A lazy August afternoon in Peacock ...

A common Lionel Outfit No. 296 (Code word "Dart" ... I like that!) in uncommon condition from 1928

acquired at York eleven years ago:

296 v2

A No. 10 (Code word "Pull"... I like that even better.) nicely restored by Hennings for me about nine years ago:

10 v5

Both run as if it was still the day after Christmas 1928.

Enjoy your weekend!



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Tinplate Art posted:

LEW: VERY NICE stations! May I suggest you move the log loader and gantry crane away from that NICE station - they are really not compatible!

I am working on this project right now. Don't have space to move the log loader and gantry crane, but by swapping the Cabo and Hornby stations I think there will be a big improvement.Stay tuned for more photos.

Thanks for the suggestion.



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