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Not Lobaugh.

Large tender is for the All Nation Mountain or CLW Berk.  Probably.

Not opinion on the Lobaugh.  Haven't counted lately, but I have over 25 Lobaugh steam models in my collection.  All have distinctive characteristics - one such characteristic is the method of springing drivers.

There were a few unmachined Lobaugh kits sold, and occasionally a builder would just drill holes in the frame casting for the drivers, but you can still see the pedestal castings in the outline of the frame.  Nothing on this model is Lobaugh.

Thought I would add this shot for completeness.  Foreground is Lobaugh.  It is a Greenbrier frame, but it is typical of all Lobaugh except the “lost wax” Mike, and even that had the slotted pedestals.

Next up is Hines/Pearce. Note the gearbox opening.

Finally, top - this is a brass frame for the IHB 0-8-0.  This evening I will bolt it to a 2-8-0 boiler - maybe.  Done by K&D Castings in Abilene.C814DBA2-371A-4CB5-A67F-1275D0D3F7EA


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