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I was updating my Greenberg’s 2016 Price Guide, yes I know its out of date, with some of my recent purchases. When I looked for the 1988 Edition of the Hiawatha Passenger Set 6-51000, it is missing from the Modern ERA section of the book. The individual loco and passenger cars are not listed either. See attached pic. I searched in other areas and couldn’t find it. Do I have a rare variation of the book...LOL. Can you find it in your book? Wondering if its listed in the latest version?



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Hi Rich, did you ever find the solution to this curiosity? I just received the 2021 Guide Book and the same problem is still there, no listing for the 6-51000 or the 6-51001 (#44 Tinplate Freight Set made in 1989). Looked under the tinplate section in the book as well but I believe that these two sets were not made in association with MTH under the "Lionel Corporation" name so they really should be in the regular listing section.

I will keep digging around and post an update if I find something.



Thanks for checking Rob, in my Guide book Section 4 is now titled "Lionel Corporation Tinplate" (also in my 2015 and 2017 Editions) and the 2 sets that I have here are definitely not listed. Just to be sure I ran through Section 5 and 7(Sets) but found nothing.  Might try and write to the publisher and see what they come back with, seems strange these two sets would not be included.

Sent an email this evening to Kalmbach with a request to help out locating these "lost" sets, will report here on any response. Agree with John, the reference books and guides that Greenberg's has published over the years are indispensable to the hobby, I am proud and greatly value the library of Greenberg books and price guides that I have been able to collect!

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