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I have the original NW-2 set from 2002 (30-2273-1) and other than changing the speaker and installing a BCR, it has operated flawlessly.  I bought both the long and short MTA crane car extensions, a maintenance box car, a MTA trash gondola,  as well as the crane tender and two R-17 dummy work trains to complete the set. I absolutely love it.  I also created another work train with the RMT offerings - the Bang S-4 Diesel in MTA Subway Colors along with two MTA ballast cars and tank cars as well as an MTA caboose. If you want a cheap, conventionally operated work train alternative to the MTH models, the RMTs aren't bad, particularly after you weather them.  I'll try and post some pictures eventually.

If you really want to have some cheap fun, you can buy a Bethlehem steel K-line Plymouth switcher and re-decal it with MTA decals. I picked mine up for $25 at a train show in 2019. The yellow of the model is very close to the subway yellow and these little things even have a smoke unit.  I did that to mine and added it to my subway maintenance fleet. With some weathering and other detailing, it looks rather good.  I'll try and get some pics eventually for this as well.

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I haven't run it yet (story of my life ), but I have a pair of RMT's 'Bang' S-2 switchers, and a quartet of RailKing unpowered R-17 "work motors".

Needing a bit more work are a pair of unpainted Weaver "war emergency" gondolas (they resemble MTA work flatcars with their low wood sides) that I had equipped with roller-bearing trucks by Weaver before shipment. They'll need paint, lettering and some scratchbuilt anticlimbers, head/tail light assemblies and end railings. In addition to this I have a Industrial Rail undecorated tank car that I intend to equip with an MTA paint job and raised number boards as per prototype. I may even lower the expansion dome, again as per prototype.

At this stage of backed-up projects aggravated by a lack of workshop space, I might as well add in a proposal to scratchbuild one of those "SpanDeck" cranes also used by the MTA subway division.


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