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Just grabbed one of these from Trainworld for a reasonable price. As noted elsewhere it was very fast with barely audible sound at rest. I did the surgery as I had with my Baldwin Sharks. Now it is slow with very little variance through the throttle arc (CW-80). It does go slow. I turned up the pot but I think it was already maxed out, I adjusted it clockwise and counter clockwise. But I can hear it now, though it doesn't rev.

I am not sure how well it will do switching. A bit disappointing.

I'm wondering if it could be the CW. I got 2 in sets early on and they are still my fallback for conventional running. That chopped sine wave thing is starting to bug me. My MTH PS2/PS3 don't seem to like them. I have a ZW and a 1033 for old school control but as I have already toasted one board in a derail I'm hesitant to use them until I get breakers for them. That or I may buy a MRC Throttle pack. Are those all full sine wave?

BTW, I have 2 Lionel 44 tonners. They don't even like like they come from the same prototypes. Maybe I'll just call them 88 tonners. It is my railroad. The PRR took a flyer a few years back and ghouled the coupler. I think I may have to just replace the whole truck. The LV is new to me, looks to be an MPC.

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For reasons that I do not understand, Williams True Blast Plus diesel RPM's ramp up to a higher level on a sine-wave transformer than on a chopped-wave transformer for any particular speed setting. On some chopped-wave transformers you may not see any ramping up of RPM's within the voltage range you choose to operating in.

I have a Williams Bachman 44 tonner that I bought about 8 months ago, and I run it on an MRC Z-1000  transformer, and the sounds are very loud. No problem there. And, it runs very fast and strong.

BUT, the coupler is so stiff that it will derail any car I put right behind it, unless I put alot of weight in that car.   

It pulls the heavy car OK, BUT, if I back up the train around any curved section, the Williams coupler automatically comes open and loses the car.  Don't know why.  (The cars I put behind it are old school, all metal Lionel gondola cars or log cars.)

My only solution, is to turn off the E-Switch in the 44 tonner, so that it never backs up.  :-(


Thanks John,

But, not being a genius, I think that the permanent solution for my 44 tonner will be a big gob of airplane glue on the coupler, to permanently glue it closed.  I never do automatic coupling or uncoupling anyway. 

Back to the original sound issue,  is a Z-1000 a sine wave transformer instead of a chopped-wave transformer?  If so, then one of these may solve the OP's problem.


"BTW, I have 2 Lionel 44 tonners. They don't even like like they come from the same prototypes. Maybe I'll just call them 88 tonners. It is my railroad."

The rough story is this: Lionel mis-named their original 44T; that was never the prototype of their PW loco, which does actually have a prototype. GE made other small switchers - the 70T WbB just offered I think, as an example. The Lionel PW "44T" is actually patterned after the GE 80T unit, I do believe. Maybe someone here with more "critter" knowledge will confirm or correct me.

Lionel's to blame for the eternal 44T misdirection.

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