Working on an On30 Heisler

Working on an On30 Heisler using the AHM HO 2 truck engine as a starting point, making use of Wiseman's conversion kit, but adding bigger sand and steam domes, pop valves and a whistle, as well as a headlight and headlight mount on the smokebox front---more to come!DSC05120

Bradford, Bordell and Quinnwood Railway Co.  (BB&Q Ry)

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colorado hirailer posted:

Heislers are my favorite geared possible does it look to convert to 0 three rail?  New trucks, rectifier, etc,....

I'd say very hard because of truck size appearence. It may have been done in O already?  I'd consider using a 2 rail (diesel truck(s)?) NWSL or P&D drive, no sideframes, customized wheels for rods?  2r to 3r shouldn't be too hard except for hiding the rollers well.(some gear boxes sit very low to the center rail)  A slide shoe would be easier.  Mount rollers on a car and teather in power?

Give me a heads up if you start one, please. I love bashes.

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