I picked up two new GP40’s, same road, different cab numbers. When adding them to the DCS menu one entered just fine. The other engine entered fine with the exception that it entered under a different road name, it was the same cab number just a different road. It was a different road name that was offered in the same catalog. I don’t really see a big concern for this except just trying to remember when I am pulling it up off the menu. Question is I thought I read somewhere, where I can change the ID. Is a reality or did I just dream this.

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you can change the name of your engine with your remote and it will stay as long as you don't do a factory reset! otherwise you would have to have an mth asc tech use the service loader and it would stay permeant!

certified MTH ASC tech and train repairs august 2019

repairs down to component level on all electronics

repair computers and reload windows 10 and windows 7

been in tv radio and all electronic repair since 1962

board repair also!

  Thanks Alan, there is another GP40 in the same catalog with the same cab number but different road. Must have been a goofed up at the factory. Like I said it’s really no big deal, but all the same I’d like to have the right road number in my call up list. Thanks again. 

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