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Hello everyone,

I have used this website for guidance with a lot of my Lionel problems and I come to you today with a problem that I cannot solve due to the complexity of the wiring.

I recently bought a 2360 GG1 from a woman. She said that she sent it for repairs and that the repairman fixed the engine. I took the engine home to open it up after I found out that the engine was a little sluggish and did not run perfectly. Keep in mind since it's a 2360 it has dual motors and should run fast.

I open the engine up and its a monstrosity of wires on a level that I've never seen in any other Lionel engine I've worked on. To get straight to the point, the repair guy did a terrible job and I had to clean the engine and rewire some wires.

After rewiring, the engine operates reverse, neutral, and forward while going at high speeds. The biggest problems I am having is that the engine after a while overheats and begins to slow down. I can't figure out what is causing the shell to overheat and slow the engine down...

Another problem is that I cannot figure out how to fix this horn. I've tested the horn and it works and buzzes and I've tested the Relay and it moves normally as should, I've narrowed it down to wiring and I can't figure out how to wire this.

This is not as simple as a DC 2343 santa fe horn unit. Does anybody have a picture or have guidance for these two problems? I can provide pictures if needed.


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