Take the shells off of the 8050T and donor tender and figure out a way to install the whistle unit in to the 8050T.  You may have to drill a few holes in bottom of the 8050T to hold the whistle if the holes do not match.  Be sure the whistle gets air to it and from it so it will work and make noise.


Don't think so. Prewar whistles mount on their sides, with the air escapement ports on the sides. Later air mpc like postwar ones mount flat against the frame of the tender. You will need to make a bracket and I don't think there would be enough room with the DC motor.

That motor and board simply replace the old relay.

If the relay must be retained for some reason vs board, the motor wire comming from the relay would need a bridge rectifier or diode on it to supply dc to the can motor. 

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