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I would love to see a Standard Gauge version of this train made and have even asked Mike to consider it.  But Mike's new tooling costs combined with the increasingly smaller market for his Standard Gauge products make it unlikely I will ever see such a streamliner made.

Bob Nelson

I've posted this before but I decided to give it a funny twist. I was thinking of what layout figures would say if they could, knowing that this sailor figure will never see a ship:

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Lee, your photography is very nice. Keeps us inspired with hints to do better ourselves.

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Been AWOL from the forum awhile. Here's a few to try to make it up for lost time.


Geez, I am out of it. Was thinking today is Wednesday!  

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time to superdetail that turbine cab...

PRR 6-8-6 cab

Hmmm . . . interesting (to a retired Road Foreman of Engines).  It looks like the engine was equipped with a variant of Number 24 air brake equipment, which I thought had only been applied to steam locomotives by Norfolk & Western.

Maybe I need to look at late Pennsy steam locomotives in more depth.

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When I first looked at the picture, I thought the sign said, "Every Hour is Happy Hour."

1/32 scale narrow gauge layout I participated in an op session at over last weekend:




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