I'm new to this forum, so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this or if it has been asked before. I was wondering if anyone has ever installed Lionel RailSounds into a non-RailSounds tender before? I have 4x 4-4-2 Locomotives with the air whistle and 1x 0-8-0 Locomotive with the air whistle tender. I was really hoping I could install/swap RailSounds into these. Just wondering if anyone has tried it or if it's easier just to get an identical tender and swap shells? 

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Since they have an air whistle, it should be easy to remove that and install the ERR RailSounds Commander.  You already have track power, and since these are obviously conventional locomotives, that's all that's required.  If you want chuffing sounds, you will have to install a chuff switch, usually a magnet and reed switch on one of the tender wheels.  All of this comes in the ERR RailSounds Commander kit.

Go to this Link and then look at the RailSounds products: The Electric Railroad

I added a diesel sound kit to a boxcar and must say it sounds and works as good as the regular lionel railsound boxcar easy to build so i’m now going to build a steam sound kit into a non air whistle tender with the commodore vanderbilt sound kit

You always need a chuff switch with the ERR stuff, there is no capability to generate chuffs internally.  You can either use an existing chuff switch if the locomotive has one, use the reed switch and magnets glued to a wheel, or do it how I do it nowadays, I use the Chuff-Generator.


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