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Hello All;  Can anybody tell me where I can find a Gilbert bridge and building sets.  I saw one on a AF large layout at this past York meet.  Its a relatively new item of a Gilbert factory/high rise.  thanks for your help.

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Not too sure to what you are referring without some pictures. Here's one such kit:

The building shown above is a kit made by a company called Bridge Street Toys located in the Boston area. It has revived the Original Kenner Girder & Panel Building Sets and offer to the public the availability of purchasing New Girders & Panels.

See this link for more info on these kits. I'm sure I saw some of those type kits on Ebay a few years ago but have seen nothing recently.



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I am guessing Mark has it identified. I had several of the original Kenner sets as a kid, both the bridge and the buildings sets. The bridge sets did not work well with S gauge. Erector set bridges were better.

Gilbert never made any bridge or building kits other than Erector Sets.


If my faulty memory is in fact correct, these building kits were sold at  These were also sold on eBay by seller, thespreekc. I don't see this item available at either the web site or on eBay. The fellow's name is Mike Korando from Kanas City, Missouri. I bought a Gilbert Hall of Science building, (as shown in the previously provided picture by Mark), a couple of years ago at a cost of $115.00.  There was at least one other building called, "Erector and American Flyer Manufacturing Co."  From time to time, there was also sold in limited quantities track side "buildings" to complement AF action cars such as the Milk, vehicle, and mail cars. These buildings were made from wood, painted, and labeled. I haven't seen any of these accessories for sale in a long time. 


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