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I don't have the wiring diagram you're looking for, but here are some sources to check with if you haven't already:

  3. Dale Smith - - AF HO enthusiast.  Earlier this year Dale shared with me that at the time he thought the people with the best overall knowledge of Gilbert HO were Dom San Giovanni, Joe King, Bill Cucchi, Jay Stelzenmuller, Bob Bretch, and Bruce Gripkey in CA (661-822-6656).  Check with Dale for the latest.
  4. Gary Klein - wrote a book over 20 years ago (I have a signed copy), but sold his collection and parts to Doug Peck in Jan 2018, so he may not be into it any more.
  5. Charles Sommer - also have his book from over 20 years ago, but I think Charlie might be suffering from health issues/aging.

Curious design and approach.  Reminds me of some prewar AF whistle baggage cars with a reverse unit in them -- for a whistle?  Just the way they did things - for awhile anyway. 

Good luck and let us know what you come up to solve the mystery.  Thanks. 


PS  I have two AF HO steam engines for sale -- PRR 433 0-6-0 slope back, and NYC 443 Hudson.

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