Expecting to add the now canceled Legacy AF Berkshire, and owning a Central of Georgia ES44AC, UP Challenger, and some AF TMCC steamers, I recently bought a Legacy #990 set.  This is my first venture into command control systems so bear with me as I am a total novice. I updated the base to V 1.60 and CAB 2 hand unit to V 1.61. Since the ES44AC did not have an Orange module I added it as Engine 81 manually using the CAB 2 handheld controller.  I added it as a Flyer Pulmore Diesel with Legacy and Legacy Railsounds.  I guessed at these settings, can someone comment on my choices?  Today I ran the ES44AC around an oval of track. Good fun experimenting... but I kept somehow turning off the ditch and headlights.  Only got them back by hitting the Circle R  reset button.  It would appear that only about half of the icon function buttons actually work with this engine.  The ones that respond are the same as those shown in the manual drawing page 16  (which shows many panels blank).  Does that sound right?  Is there a "Start up" button like the O gauge models have for sounds?   I really enjoyed the AUX1 three second hold that triggers the Automatic  Sequence!  Thanks for any advice on my CAB 2 manual setup.


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I have 2 of the AF Legacy ES44AC and they operate exactly the same as an O gauge Legacy engine.  Select the engine number, press info, and scroll through to make the selections.  I set mine as :  DSL, LEG, LRS.  I get all 15 keys.  Where are you finding the option "Flyer Pullmor Diesel"?  Those engines don't have Pullmor motors.

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You have the right settings, but if you are not seeing the on and off soft keys after entering the engine number, then something is wrong.

Chuck, I can see all the segments have icons in them, but at first it seemed all of the extra ones not shown on page 16 of the manual did not function. I have continued operating and I believe now that they are working, in some cases I was just not sure what some of the icons did.  I am getting better at this.  Thank you.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.  -  Clarke's Third Law"

JFC454 posted:

I finally found the "Flyer Pullmor Diesel" option.  Doesn't appear to do anything different than the normal DSL default setting.  I see the same 15 keys in the FPD option.

Yes, it's FPD.  I did try the DSL label also and had not found anything different so I switched it back to FPD.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.  -  Clarke's Third Law"

Hello all of you smart enough to run Legacy....Our own ES44, came in from Train Z...and for 20 seconds I could tell that it had a more satisfying l sound system than that of the first offering....BUT then , the loco became a quiet and slow  running diesel....But, well 20 seconds was something.....I do not have TMCC OR LEGACY, so stand in wonder as to why this condition persists, ( as did the no smoke feature on the Flyer Y-3,, but an otherwise excellent slow speed loco,,,,,really fine.........And to Dave, the great engineer, ,,,is there or are there people around you sensitive enough to correct the sound on the Berkshire.....You know, the whistle sound on the flyerchief berkshire...etc....Id like to know if you would like to discuss this, or even the topic of updating the Hudson as you did the Berkshire...and yes, I know that there are a zillion hudsons out there,   but none so fine as ;your present berkehire......You ha ve done a great job......ARNOLD KLOIAN   master of details... 

If you use the iPhone App to control the FC Berkshire there are more adjustments available than with the Blue handheld controller. Even with the APP adjustments however it does not sound as good as the Legacy engines.

Carl Tuveson is currently converting my Berkshire to TMCC/Railsounds. If you want an almost Legacy quality engine that is the answer. There is a video on Carl's website of the completed conversion.

Any AF Hudson can be converted to TMCC/Railsounds; Ed Goldin, for one, does these conversions. If you go this direction a Legacy base and Cab2 is advisable for operation. Alternatively, many scale operators have converted Gilbert engines to DCC.


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