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What's old is new...  Sometimes in all the worry and bluster of what's going to be the latest and greatest, there's pleasure to be taken in an established product.  Established, indeed.  The American Models E8 was introduced in 2001 and is still going.

These went bump in the mail today, I ordered them at S-Fest last Friday to accompany the pre-owned UP Budd cars I bought there.

KGB 110818 004

As usual for AM, take them out of the box, put them on the track and go.  Good looks.  No muss, no fuss...

KGB 110818 001

There was one difference this time around.  My past purchase E8's came with the coupler cover inserts installed and a pack of Kadee's placed in the box.  This time around, the gang at AM installed Kadee's on the trucks couple arms and placed the inserts in the box, so the couplers swing with the trucks:

I'm not complaining, but it was a little surprise.  Well, at least this way I can run them while they're waiting their turn at the workbench where I'll modify the inserts, close the hirail pilot gap and frame mount the couplers as I've done with my other E8's.  I'll also move the headlight LED down to the door where it belongs.

I'm going to keep them conventional DC, as most of my roster is conventional.

Oh, yeah... They easily walk away with the seven car Budd set, I guess I'll have to order up a UP dome one of these days.

So, that's about it, a little bragging about my latest purchase.




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Nice, Rusty. I only have a 6 car UP passenger set because that is all the shorter single ended sidings at my passenger station can handle. I just bought one dome car for the UP set. The dome cars add a lot of visual appeal. All the 40% off SHS freight cars I bought at the show from DesPlaines Hobbies arrived yesterday!


Quick Casey posted:

Just one dome? Doesn't AM have like three different numbers? The locomotives can handle it.

Nice though.

I know.  My Burlington E8's handles the seven cars plus three domes just fine on my No-Name-Zephyr.

But, seeing that my AM passenger trains otherwise look suspiciously like the Empire State Express in different colors, one dome will be fine... 


Besides, my checkbook has to catch it's breath.


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