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The Railking Scale F3s are really clones of the Postwar units. They are considered "scale" but, again, you are essentially getting a modern copy of a Postwar F3. 

I may be totally wrong but I don't think the RK tooling for this engine was ever part of the Premier line, unlike other locos. 

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As mentioned above by SJC,  the RK Scale F3's are NOT older premiere F units at all. They were specifically tooled to be clones of the PW Lionel F3 with the 'squinty' windshields being the major telltale difference. They do have all the detail that Lionel had on the 1st and 2nd generation F3's but the RK fuel tanks are 'better'. As such they are slightly lower in height than a 'scale' F3.

In these photos the B&O and UP are Lionel PW F3s while the GM&O is an Atlas 'scale' F3 and the lower pic shows the 'RK Scale' F3 Yellowbonnets which look most like the Lionel models. The narrow windshields are the main difference




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