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As Alan Posted, and Atlas' e-mail announced, Atlas has acquired the MTH diesel and rolling stock tooling. This means that we'll be seeing future releases of the locomotive models offered in the Premier line. Hopefully this also means that Atlas will continue offering 2-rail versions. I'm hoping that the 2/3 feature is carried over into the product line. Comments? (Please be nice)


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@RJR posted:

There is a BIG question.  MTH says Atlas will produce PS3 locos.  Who will produce the PS3 hardware?

I'm guessing they will figure it out since the components of PS 3 and DCS system is part of the license Atlas acquired.


Atlas has also acquired a license for the MTH Proto-Sound 3 Sound & Control Electronics Boards, which adds realistic sounds to locomotives and also allows control via DCS (Digital Command System). Part of the license will give Atlas the option to sell DCS components as well."

David, we don't know if the license gives the power to produce, or only to use, DCS.  If the former, Atlas probably doesn;t have an in-house electronics department and thus will need to team up with both an electronics engineering firm and a production company.  Hopefully, they'll keep this in USA.  If the latter, the future of DCS is still up in the air.  Certainly, if Atlas becomes the source for DCS components and parts, I'll become a customer

as info atlas has purchased many other companies in the past in the HO world and has been very slow to produce them and some have never appeared. not trying to jinx things but I have watched this before. I was hopping more for the steam and electric locos as I am not a diesel fan . but the DCS licensing will be a big help for all the MTH fans out there.


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