This is my first post and I don't know how to look up specific subjects, so if I'm duplicating something that has already been discussed I am sorry.  I've been using my Atlas turntable manually for about five years and it has worked fine; however, when I recently hooked up the motor and a DPDT switch the table will turn fine in one direction, but it seems to bind up in the other direction.  The motor works and tries to get it to turn in that direction, but the table won't move.  Any ideas/suggestions?

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Turntable works great now - the good folks at Atlas got me a new belt and that solved the problem.  Additionally they had another good suggestion - take the new belt to Home Depot or Ace Hardware and buy a round belt the same size as the Atlas replacement belt.  Their replacement is actually a square belt and a round belt will work better and last longer as the pulleys in the drive system are better suited for round belts than square ones.  Once again, many thanks for the great support from the folks in Hillside, NJ from Atlas headquarters.

Your tip for a replacement belt from HD got me thinking ...

The factory belts for these Lionel accessories on my layout "slip" around the path of the pulley; so the action figures "stall": 
   Animated News Stand
   Animated Freight Platform
   Animated Passenger Platform.

Maybe a round belt from HD would "grip" better.  I'll try it.

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