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Hello everyone, a little news from my direction.  Wife and I just returned from about 6 weeks on the east coast visiting relatives and family and did not do much with my trains.  HOWEVER, while in Savannah, Ga I learned of an "antique toy store" directly in downtown Savannah called "Planet Fun".  Of course this demanded a trip.  While most of the toys dated to the late 90's or later and were space oriented (Star Wars, Pokemon, Japanese Space Robots etc) they did have a few die cast cars, mostly from Corgi in the UK.  I picked up two versions of the small Morris Minor van that is used everywhere in UK for in town deliveries.  They were mint in the box and priced at only $8 each.  So here they are:  They may be a little small for O Gauge more like S but these vehicles are small in real life, about the size of a sub compact car anyway.  They are based on the Morris Minor automobile.

Here is the version from 1986, in what was the traditional Corgi package for many years.  The car is listed as being made by Corgi Toys Ltd, Swansea, Great Britain.  This van was "made" in Great Britain.

Corge 1986 Morris Van in box

Here is a close up of the van itself.  Note that the advertisement for "D. Morgan" does not give a product or service, I guess they were so well known that this was not considered necessary.  Another interesting thing is the location advertised.  It is shown as "Friars Entry" Oxford.  This would have been the historical gate or entryway that (in the historical past) Friars (Monks, Priests, etc) were allowed to enter the walls surrounding Oxford University.  It would have been a clear indication of the location of the company , outside of the walls on the city streets.  

Corgi 1986 Morris Van side view

Here is the front view.

Corgi 1986 Morris Van front view

Now we jump ahead to 1993 and its clear that the packaging has changed dramatically.  This box is considerably smaller, saving the merchant shelf space and the shipper volume but it is far more decorated, featuring a "city scene" on the inner cardboard envelope.  In addition by this time the toy is  now being made by Mattel and the manufacturer is shown as...Mattel (UK) Limited, Leicester, Great Britain - a Mattel Company.  The line is now labeled..."classic Vehicles from Corgi"  and like so many modern things, carries the information that it is "made in China".

The van itself is much more colorful and it carries a product logo and name (Coleman's Mustard).  However it is the same size and make up of the D. Morgan van from 1986.  It only advertises a product however and contains no location for the distributor that would presumably own the van.

Corgi 1993 Morris Van - in box

Here is the side view, note the more colorful paint scheme.

Corgi 1993 Morris Van side view

Here is the front view

Corgi Morris 1993 van front view

Interestingly, by 1993, Mattel was including a catalog with their Corgi cars.  This little brochure was packed inside the box of the Coleman's Mustard van.

Corgi cars catalog

Well that is my "vacation find" and they are soon to be placed in my small town area delivering their products.

All the best,



Images (7)
  • Corge 1986 Morris Van in box
  • Corgi 1986 Morris Van side view
  • Corgi 1986 Morris Van front view
  • Corgi 1993 Morris Van - in box
  • Corgi 1993 Morris Van side view
  • Corgi cars catalog
  • Corgi Morris 1993 van front view

Can resist this thread. I'm 75 - my little cars as a kid were TootsieToy. So here are some of my favorites now on my layout. I have learned over the past 48 years in the hobby that if you see something you like-better buy it now or it will be gone. The guys were all parked at the sinclair station and the sinclair car wash next door because the Mel's Drive In got the dreaded "grinding noise" that nobody knows how to fix... I am having way too much fun and so are my grandkids that come over to play GrandpaChooChoo.


Images (8)
  • IMG_0034-005: MTH Sinclair station, 1957 Chev with pipes(tubing) , figures, detailed interior was printed, 1959 Chev Impala Road Signature also got the exhaust tips.
  • IMG_0035-005: Sinclair MTH Sinclair Station interior- 1955 Chev Bel Air (Flames) on rack(Road Champs), 1959 Chev Impala(Road Champs)
  • IMG_0040-003: 1941 Willys Gasser with flip front (Universal Hobbies UK LTD)
  • IMG_0041-003: 1958 Edsel Convertible -Coral- with figures (Road Champs)
  • IMG_0043-002: 1953 Buick Skylark (Dinky)- love the wire spokes and the interior and the metallic green.
  • IMG_0045-004: 1953 Chev Bel Air Convertible(Hobby Lobby)- blacked out grill for detail, hinged doors- approximately $(9.00)
  • IMG_0047-004: 1949 Merc with Flames-(Universal Hobbies UK LTD)- love 49 mercs- this one runs thru the carwash next door- the spoke mags spin and the guy inside has the right "stance" for cruising.
  • IMG_0050-002: 1932 Ford Hot Rod Roadster (Universal Hobbies UK LTD). Hood removes with chrome chevy underneath.

Great stuff all.  First a shout out to forum sponsor: Diecast Direct.   A little while ago, I ordered a 2012 Dodge Charger from them.  I've been waiting for this body style to show up for some time.  The model arrived in record time but was missing the steering wheel (right during the recent discussions about replacing missing steering wheels). 

I called up customer support and, as usual, they were super helpful.  They sent a replacement immediately and said to keep the other one.   They are a great business/vendor to work with.   Here are photos of the American Heritage Model 2012 Dodge Charger.  The Midnight Blue looks almost black in the "real world" and goes great with my new (2016 Vol. 2) Lionel B&O milk car.  I love the detail in the rear shot in the second photo down (although I think my camera lens has a scratch :-(.

Tomlinson Run Railroad


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  • mceclip0
  • mceclip1
  • mceclip2
  • mceclip3
  • mceclip4
  • mceclip5
  • mceclip6
  • mceclip7

So here are some recent acquisitions:IMG_0072IMG_0073IMG_0074I found this one on a toy rack at the supermarket.  You know the rack with all the 1/30something Corvettes, Ferraris and Aston Martins.  It looked about the right size but once I peeled the price sticker off at home it had a scale 1/52 on the bottom.  It will still work.  The grill looks a little like an old IH but could be Russian or Eastern European.  I've already added a driver,  have to paint the wheels and front bumper white and may paint the steel struts on the rack body black.

1953 was a good year at the yellow and black dollar store.IMG_0076All 1953, all licensed by GM or Ford and made by Welly.  A Chevy, an El Dorado, and a Ford.  I remember some one once complaining he couldn't find regular basic cars.  While the El Dorado may not be basic transportation the Chevy and Ford qualify even though they are both convertible.  Just wish they weren't both the same color.


Images (4)
  • IMG_0072
  • IMG_0073
  • IMG_0074
  • IMG_0076

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