Lionelski posted:

Thanks for the pics Eddie. I had a great time at that show, and Tuesday's weather was fantastic.

One comment; there must be something wrong with your camera that makes us look so elderly, I'd have that checked out if I were you (LOL)

Thats Funny! John

Keith k posted:

Thanks for the pictures Eddie, looks like a lot fun.  I have a question if you don't mind, did you purposely include a lot of prewar in your pictures or was there that much at the show. 

Indoors, there is a lot of prewar.  Some very interesting stuff.

5th time at York, but 1st time going to a bandit meet. Stopped in on Wednesday morning. I am not a collector and everything I have is modern and runs around the track, so I skip over all the other stuff. I'm usually just looking for rolling stock that would be fun to have on the track, and it's a small sampling compared to York, but I thought those selling modern had stuff priced to sell.   Saw MTH premier boxcars for $18 each and traditional rolling stock for less. I wouldn't make a special trip for the meet, but it was convenient on Wednesday. Glad we stopped in.

This was our first York and I have to say that the parking lot bandit meet at Wyndham was one of my favorite moments. It was awesome to see all these trains outside and we found some of the best deals here. Honestly I would have spent even more but was afraid to spend it all before the “real” show. As it turned out I should have as there were some really motivated vendors with excellent prices which were tougher to find at York.  What a great time. I hope it flourishes with the new 2 day format. We will be back!!

Gerhardt - G’s O Scale Trains ....  waaaay up in Canada 



This is probably a stupid question but for the bandit meets, especially outside, do people just show up, park and put up a table with their wares?  Or are they getting permits or talking to an organizer or anything?  I was thinking the very nature of "bandit meet" is just show up and put up your table.  I've sometimes thought about going down and setting up a table to thin out my collection as I have too much "stuff" for not enough "space".

And I thought old car guys were crazy... Unbelievable. (Please don't think my comments are detrimental. I wish I'd have been there.) One last thought. Is there a connection between the Hershey (PA) old car meet and York being held at more or less the same times in the same state? 

Interesting.  Heard about this sort of pre-York event, never been to one.

Probably answered multiple times, but...

1. Were the tax guys 'invited'?  Rather, have they ever had their presence or say?  (I mean, a moniker like "bandit" would seem to invite some unwanted attention, I should think!?)

2. I don't see any security in the photos....  Is a TCA badge requisite for a sale at a bandit meeting?

3.  If not, I guess the 'York' experience has been public all along?...."Y'all come!!"......just not within the fairgrounds, until the last couple years, select halls?

4.  If the deals were better at a bandit event, why all the hullabaloo about the duration of the main York event....3 days, 2 days, no Thursday, no Saturday, etc., etc..  

5. If the bandit event(s) are so convenient (minimal hauling and set-up except for those inside the motel ballrooms), why not just convert 'York' to a big field event.....kind of like a TCA Woodstock event!!....or the Tailgate Celebration Activity of TCA.......TCA²!!

6. ...In which case I might sincerely regret having just sold my 35' Class A RV!!!!!   (NOT!!!!)

7. ...In which case, the possibility of better libations being available to complement the brats, crab cakes, etc....or relieve the gastric distress from scrapple!!....would certainly get my attention!!

8. ....In which case the ventilation of crop dusters and hygenic harrys would perhaps be less controversial and more efficient....unless, of course, the adjoining field just had a recent visit...


9. Just think of the possibilities of doing a quick, convenient, relaxing DRONE-SEARCH at such an outdoor venue for that perfect O3R needle-in-the-haystack.....all from your portable lounge chair, suds and brats at the ready.

10. More I think about it, I see these awesome outdoor flea market events on cable TV (e.g., Flea Market Flip, et al)....'Howcum' there aren't more bandit-style train sales events?

"Bandit event".........hmmmmm.



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