Hello all ...  Scenic Railways were all the rage at the turn of the century  at amusement parks .  Bing offered their model featured in the 1912 catalog .   gauge ...25mm ..not O gauge ..  Up dated video with railway running ..fabricated a short piece  of track ..a filler till something better can be found .  





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I would regauge old 2 rail O windup track to 25mm as a stop gap repair.

It would match the "age" look, the ties are just bent sheet metal.

Easier to find old O27 track would work with new homemade ties.

I may try to reproduce this railway with Erector set parts and junk 027 track.

The cars will be the hardest part to make.

I’ve always loved this toy. There’s some great imagery of these railways online (especially French engravings) Nice post! 

Fantastic relic of the past. I'm fascinated with it's action today imagine how thrilling it was to a kid in 1912 .

Some of that spring band like they use to drive the wheels on Mamod Steam engines would look good driving the pulley. 

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