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A new boxcar, stripped, repainted and decaled by me. It is a Weaver 40’ steel car.

The decal placement of the NYCS logo above the P&LE reporting marks are rather odd as they are not oriented the way one would expect. But research online, shows the supplied K4 Decals placement diagram was correct. Anyway…

Scalecoat II Boxcar Red #2 with decals by K4….



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Good smoky morning, 4th day of california smoke filling the Carson Valley. The foothills two miles away are completely obliterated.

Thanks, California.

Anyway here is this weeks contribution.

Three more plugdoor box cars, blue Airex, blue Conrail, and a Nickel Plate Road.

Also a 9401 Great Northern to add to the 9400 series collection. (4 cars)

and finally a nice 9782 Rock Island.

The last two cars were received in a trade with a forum member. Good deal.

Have a great day, IMG_20210805_095032_0IMG_20210805_095038_6IMG_20210805_095043_2IMG_20210805_095047_4IMG_20210808_092656_9 John


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Hello everyone, glad to see our inputs are up for BxCrSun.  Great stuff everyone.  Krieg,lor - what a great job customizing the P&LE car. beardog49 - YEA! more plugdoors and some neat ones for sure, especially the Airex one.  Carpetrainman - Hill's Bros' Coffee car is really neat, I remember that brand from my time in NJ , don't see it in Texas.  Don Winslow- great view of the "  high line" and not only that but a '58 Edsel convertible going under the bridge!  Dave Ripp - a double door PC, neat and a neat color scheme as well.  SIRT - well you have given my a mystery, where was the "St. Mary's RR"?

First from 1986, the Sear's new Century celebration car.

Box Car 2

In the same celebratory vein, the JCPenny 75th anniversary car from 1977.

Box Car 4

Finally, who could deny Mr. Marx the fact that he also provided quite a number of "box" cars, including the boxes

Marx 4205 Gon

Well that's all for me today, have great week everyone.



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  • Box Car 4
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Wow fellows, there’s some awesome box cars posted today, Sirt, your weathering on your neat box cars looks real, great workmanship, Don Winslow, beautiful MPC era box cars, very colorful, Dave Ripp, yes Penn Central colors were very nice, I like those unique green cars, Capetrainman, that’s a cool scene with the police chasing a hobo, Beardog49, that’s a neat selection of cars you’ve posted for our review, also, I pray that your safe from the wild fires, Krieglok, that’s a beautiful Pittsburg box car, my grandson is sitting the University of Pittsburg at this time, he’s going to be a junior, wow, it’s a small world, we will be there visiting one day, Yes, Don McErlean, I haven’t forgot you, Sears and JC Penny are household names, and those are neatly designed box cars, very nicely pictured, and I hope everyone is staying safe, staying healthy. Today, it’s C&EI and Ford for me. Happy Railroading Everyone…CFD29539-D9DB-4EA4-B684-6E2E48D0890467C455D3-FD82-4457-B000-8437C65263769B998D96-C9D4-4952-BB09-9F8C735E276081155143-E9E3-4E98-85CA-C2A97C409137


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Hey Folks,

Some of you may recall that last week I asked for information about the short, cheap boxcars that Lionel made several years ago.  I like them because the look great on a small layout, and believe it or not, if they are in excellent condition, they run really well.   (No derailments so far.)

I have since found out that Lionel made a whole series of these cars in the late 1970s, and they cam in boxes that said :  "Lionel O/O27 Freight Carrier"    Many of them have a company logo on the side, such as Motorcraft.

Here is a picture of the three that I have.  I just found the Conrail yesterday at the flea market, in absolutely excellent condition, for $8.00.


I think that they look great running behind a small diesel, like this Beep.


Now I have to look into some simple techniques to "weather" them just a bit, especially the roofs.



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Mannyrock-  welcome to the "Plug Door" club...beardog 49, Dave Ripp and I have some pictures of other similar boxcars in earlier posts in this thread.  I agree, Lionel made these in many variations, often for a particular set or commercial customer.  They are normally not expensive and fun to collect. You have a great start!  However once the bug bites...I will warn you that some of the more unusual  ones, like the Town House Appliances and the Kaybee toys  (7031 & 7032) pictured in beardog49's post above will usually go for more than $8.  Oh yea, and if you look at Dave Ripp's post above, you will see that there are at least 4 variations of the "Baby Ruth" car.  Happy hunting!!


Wow I got so interested in responding to Mannyrock on plug door box cars, I forgot my own input for today.  My post this Sunday, sort of stretches the definition of "box" car.  In fact American Flyer called it a  "package car" in its Dealer price list of 1936.   It carries a catalog number of 1129 but it was not shown in the 1936 AF consumer catalog.  My reference material suggests this was part of a "new" line of lithographed cars for 1936 primarily to support the uncataloged freight sets offered in retail stores at lower prices.  They mention the "Sommers" catalog as a store where 3 freight sets using these lithographed cars were offered.  None of these sets was  shown in the AF consumer catalog.  Anyway here is the #1129 American Flyer container or package car from 1936.  Note the car is just one lithographed piece attached to the frame.  Although the containers appear to be removable they are not and are simply part of the upper lithographed piece.

AF Container Car 1AF Container Car 2Hav

Have a good week everyone



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  • AF Container Car 2

Thanks for letting me know about  the phrase "Plug Cars" to describe the short boxcars. 

I certainly enjoyed scrolling upward and seeing the pictures of these cars posted by others.

Having lived 66 years now, I have mastered my strong impulse to collect things, so I will stick with the most common of these cars in their vivid primary colors.   

There is a "bright orange" Plug Car at the flea market, for $8.00, that says General Mills (or maybe it is General Foods), but the color is so translucent I passed it up.  Wonder if that is worth anything?


Mannyrock almost have the name right...its "Plug Door" boxcars referring to the type of door and (I always thought) the fact that on the model the doors don't open but that is just my interpretation of the name.

The General Mills boxcar ... can you find or remember its number...most of the price guides are organized by product number. The number I am referring to is like the "9339" number on the side of your Great Northern boxcar.  If you have that number I can give you the price guide value right away.  If you don't, I will look at my boxcars and see if I can find one that matches the General Mills name and then get the number that way.


Ok, here’s my two cents. Don is correct, Lionel collectors sometimes call these “plug” door boxcars, but they are simply two door boxcars whose doors do not open. Below are the only two I have. I won the JC Penny car as a door prize at a local show in Hawley. The EL car I bought to run around my Christmas tree. The ART reefer represents a true “ plug” door, where on the prototype slides closed, and then can be sealed shut with the locking mechanism on the door to keep the inside cool for perishables. The ART reefer is about the size of a 6464 boxcar and is Industrial Rail.



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Ok Mannyrock, you now know more about plug door or 0-27 non opening door boxcars than you ever really needed to know...   I tried to check on what you called the "General Mills" boxcar and here is what I have found so far...The 9040 General Mills Wheaties boxcar was orange in color and made 1970-72 so pretty early in the series.  Its guide book price, 2018 guide book,  is $9 for Good and $13 for Excellent and that price has been stable since the 2012 price guide.  By the way, be careful if you get bitten by the plug door "bug" the net result can be...see below:  (the Wheaties boxcar is #2 from the left on the lower shelf)

Lionel Plug Door Box Cars

Best Regards



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