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I'm assuming the platform would be at track level. In my opinion, a concrete or asphalt platform surface would be easier to simulate than one made with wood planking. Get a piece of 1/16-inch-thick taskboard. This material has a perfect texture to simulate concrete or asphalt when it's painted. Cut the taskboard to fit between the curved edge of the track ties and the edge of the station. Glue the taskboard to the layout and paint it "concrete" or "asphalt." You could fill the area with plaster or spackle instead of taskboard...


I don't have a curved station platform, so I don't address that, but I have dealt with the space between the station platform and the track.

In the photo below, I used my ridiculously way too big ballast (ground up asphalt and pebbles found along a road) and wooden ties (for a walk way) between the station platform and the track.

My thinking about the ballast is that my Postwar tubular track has rails that are way too big, so way too big ballast kinda works IMO.

Of course, one can use ballast more in scale than mine.



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