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I've been looking for a pair of PRR tender trucks similar to the ones that came in CLW H10 2-8-0 tender kits.  They were not highly detailed by today's standards but would be ok for a tender project I'm working on.  I recall someone on the west coast purchased the CLW product line but has since dropped out of the market.  I'd like to contact him on the outside chance he has 2 pair of the side frame casting I'm looking for.  

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I talked with Lou Houlemarde earlier today and he is going to look though his CLW castings for the H10 PRR 2d-T3 truck side frame.  He commented it has been difficult getting small runs of lost wax castings made in the US lately.  If anyone knows of a caster please let me know off line and I'll pass the info on to Lou.  My email address is in my profile.   Apparently the origins of the CLW truck date back to the late 1940's Saginaw H10 2-8-0 model.  Below is a photo of the truck under PRR D16sb 1223 in the Pennsylvania State Railroad Museum, Strasburg, PA.  PRR 2D-T3 tender truck


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  • PRR 2D-T3 tender truck

Does anyone know if Lou still produces the drivers for the PRR H-10? I've got a CLW H10 kit with the plastic center drivers, and most of an earlier I think Saginaw time frame H10  that was missing the frame.  I found a later sheet metal CLW frame and so now would like to find a set of drivers.  I keep an eye out on ebay, but you know that is hit or miss.

Edit, I sent Lou an email, and will report back.

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The Saginaw trucks were sand cast.  The CLW master may have been a polished Saginaw.  It might be undersized.

Allan Wehrle had a sand foundry and was doing truck side frames for me - they turned out well.  We need to find a hobbyist like Allan who enjoys pouring brass.  It is not an unusual hobby, but you can get hurt bad if you don't know what you are doing.

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