I have the new premire sd70ace union pacific honoring veterans engine with ps3. I noticed in erics latest video review of the new kcs sd70ace veterans unit with ps3 that the sounds were the exact same as mine. The only difference is the kcs version has the quilling whistle feature and mine does not. My question is can I download that specific sound file into my engine and get the quilling whistle feature?

Roger g.

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You probably want to load both the sound file and the chain file for the one with the quilling whistle.  However, the sound file doesn't appear to be on the support page, so you'll have to get MTH to supply it to you.  MTH 20-21157-1 KCS SD70ACE.

Thanks George, I wasn't 100% sure that if the engine didn't have it that the chain file would support it.

Of course, the sound file isn't on the product page, so he'll still have to get that from MTH.

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