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Check out the latest Lionel manufactured, limited edition, standard O double-sheathed boxcar the Lionel Operating Train Society is offering. The deadline to order is approaching the station quickly (March 11). Delivery is expected by mid-November 2016.  

LOTS Yuengling Brewery Boxcar

Join LOTS today (yes, you must be a Member of LOTS to order) and order the car ($74 plus S&H) before you miss out!…/yuengling_brewery_boxcar.html


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  • LOTS Yuengling Brewery Boxcar
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Thanks for joining LOTS and purchasing the LOTS 2016 Convention Car.  I'm sure the car will go well with your Snow Village building.  You may find you like the Yuengling die cast truck we are offering too.  The picture and description can be found at ... page 15.

Thanks again for joining LOTS!


Today is your Last Chance to order the latest Lionel manufactured, limited edition, standard O double-sheathed boxcar offered by the Lionel Operating Train Society!!

The deadline to order is today (March 11). Delivery is expected by mid-November 2016.  

Join LOTS (yes, you must be a Member) and place your order today, so you don't miss out!

Cheers!! to a fabulous weekend for all OGR Forum Members!  

Lionelbill posted:

On Ebay for $176 , I also missed out on this car, I'll just continue to drink the beer and wallow in self pity.

When you're around this hobby long enough you realize this kind of stuff happens from time to time.  Honestly, unless you're literally tripping over yourself to get one, just let it go until you find somebody willing to sell it for a reasonable price.  In several years time, you'll wonder what you ever saw in it to pay WAY over MSRP for it.  It's a cool design for sure... but not for $176+.


P.S.  Can anyone say Lionel #5712 woodside reefer?  Those were going for one heck of a super premium back in the 1980's/1990's, and now it's considered just-another-box-car from that era.

PSU89 posted:

I looked on eBay and couldn't find this boxcar.  Does anyone have a link?  Thank you.

I break enough of the unnecessary rules on this forum.  But since we're not supposed to post eBay links, just go to eBay and search "Lionel Yuengling".  The first hit I got is this boxcar currently "on sale" for $176 down from the original $200 buy-it-now.  Still pricey, but if you want it... go for it.

Best of luck!!!


P.S.  If you check recent sales, somebody paid $200 for one of these boxcars, but the dust seems to be settling around the $140-ish mark.

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I think this car will sell at premium prices for years to come.  I say this because:

  • It is a gorgeous car - even better looking in person than the photo above!
  • There are beer memorabilia collectors out there who buy cars like this but aren't otherwise interested in trains.
  • It was a limited run.  The supply is now fixed and demand is only going to go up.
  • Yuengling is a popular brand and is likely to remain a popular brand.


I ran this car at our last two shows (3 days of running) and I had 5-6 people ask if I would sell it, and even more asked where they could get one.  It is eye-catching, and makes me glad I am a member of LOTS!

I did see one for sale at York (at a premium price), so that is another option.


The LOTS SF Warbonnet Tank Car has not arrived at the station in Cincinnati yet.  A postcard announcing the ship date will be sent to all those who have pre-ordered the car as soon as they arrive.  Various circumstances have caused the delay.  Most recently, color "red" corrections were needed, so the car matches the others in the set.  Corrections like these take a little more time.  I'm sure the wait will be worth it : )!

If you have further questions regarding the LOTS SF Tank Car please contact me directly at instead of an old forum topic about the LOTS Yuengling Beer Car.  

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