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Pardon me for possibly reposting this; I am seeking help on how the rolling stock differs in size. has some fabulous logging cars in O, I would need to add couplers for them to work with lionel shay's.  


I could use advice on proper trucks to purchase and how they might be different in scale.


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The line between scale and 3 rail trains has blured considerably in the last number of years.   


Originally lionel built 3 rail equipment to fit its curves.   They pretty much ignored scale and designed the products to go around the sharp curves and proportioned accordinly.   Most were undersized.   


Then along came Williams, MTH and some others that started doing at least locomotives to run on 3 rail track, but scale size.   Often they had to compromise some dimensions and features to fit the curves.   


Lionel jumped on the band wagon and the others moved to mass produced rolling stock built pretty much to scale size.   


The problem is that most of the manufacturers produce more than one "line" of equipment.    Usually the name indicates scale size or anything goes, but not always.   MTH has made scale size and toy size equipment in their Railking line, for example. 


so the bottom line is, you should know what the prototype is and then measure the model to be sure, unless you know the manufacturers policies very well. 


As for conversion, You can probably get by with just change wheel sets, rather than whole trucks.    And if you use flathead rail, the scale wheels will probably work without change.

It seems as if you are going to run 3-rail since you mention the Lionel Shay.   


From the photos, the cars have Archbar trucks.   Athearn makes delrin archbar trucks that are quite nice.     The run is they are only 2-rail I think.   However, NWSL (Northwest Shortline), makes replacement "tinplate" wheelsets.   


I am not sure, but I think Weaver may also make Archbar trucks.   And they offer most stuff with either 2 or 3 rail compatible wheels.


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