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The only possibilities are Flyonel and River Raisin. In Flyonel's case I would not expect any new tooling, but perhaps a Legacy version of the Mike or new roadnames for the Legacy Berk or Pacific. AM is definitely not planning any new locos. In River Raisin's case, it would be at most announcing the next project and taking orders, but I think I think a new project on top of the 14 Pacific models produced last year which was a huge undertaking and on top of the current passenger truck project is unlikely.

@Francine posted:

I feared that, nothing new, just new road names.  S should be called the "disappointed scale?

Then we'd have to call it "D" scale...

However, it's always been tough to be in S, although it was a little easier in the mid-late 90's-2001 before the Sanda Kan purge.

Regardless, Lionel has really been the only one producing S on a regular basis.  I don't think MTH ever really wanted to understand the S market.  We'll have to wait and see if Scale Trains can do better, but last I heard was not to expect anything until 2023.  The passing of Ron Sebastian (S Scale America) leaves the SSA line in limbo, while American Models hasn't been a ball of fire at least they're still alive and kicking.


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