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Every week, us Muffin's host a "Chat with the Muffins" live meeting on Zoom on Tuesdays at 7pm EST. This week, Don Klose shared a 4-minute video shot at his highly detailed layout featuring his Lionel Mohawks, Lionel Cardinal Set, and lots of weathered rolling stock and scenery. You can find the video here.

If you'd like to join us on Tuesdays, we generally:

  • check in with Harry Hieke and see what he's working on
  • occasionally, check in with Dr Jack at his layout and workshop
  • show you a few of the new products that came in
  • show anything new the Muffins have added to the collection
  • talk about announcements from the manufacturers and expected arrivals
  • talk about new projects at the layout, and then
  • host a discussion amongst the participants, including Q&A.

To participate in the Live Zoom Event: You make a reservation by buying a no charge event ticket, here

BTW - if you're interested in acquiring one of the new Lionel Mohawks, they're available on our website.

  • Lionel 2131510 - Legacy L2a Mohawks Steam Locomotive "New York Central System" #2700 - with white walls
  • Lionel 2131520 - Legacy L2a Mohawks Steam Locomotive "New York Central" #2790
  • Lionel 2131530 - Legacy L2a Mohawks Steam Locomotive "New York Central" #2728
  • Lionel 2131540 - Legacy L2a Mohawks Steam Locomotive "New York Central" #2775
  • Lionel 2131550 - Legacy L2a Mohawks Steam Locomotive "New York Central" #2727 (gray) - 1 left

We offer a service on our website where you can make any purchase and divide it up into three payments - just click LayBuy at checkout.


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Tuesday night Zoom calls with Mr. Muffins is awesome!  I've joined in whenever I can.  Great industry updates and informative & creative ideas are showcased every week.

When the subject of Don's layout and video came up this week, I knew he looked familiar.  Why?

OGRR Great Layout Adventures #12!   I've watched that video of Schenectady, NY many times and what a fantastic layout and detail!  I used to travel there on business and his layout brings that area alive.


@Mooner posted:

Fantastic and great quality that really shows off the layout. Fun to hear Don talk about the layout as well.

I've know Don a few years now, meeting him at York is probably one of the best experiences I've had there. His knowledge of any topic is grand, and the care he has put into building his layout is something we should all aspire to. So many projects have been undertaken in the name of modeling the buildings he is very familiar with as seeing them, to the blueprints or such that he's researched. No joke, Don told me that he has been approached several times by the people of Schenectady(big wigs of you will) about if they could have the buildings when he passes. That is just a little creepy if you ask me.

The level of detail and the building by various folks in the hobby shows not only their dedication, but Don's as well. I have yet to view his layout in full whether on the digital subscription, and videos, I've only seen of what Don himself has posted from time to time. Needless to say, it is one heck of a layout, and the care that has been taken into making it as real as can be is way up there.

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