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I can’t say definitively but  they look like early Marx handiwork to me.   The design at the very top of your lampposts bears a strong resemblance to a later Marx lamppost pictured below.  If they are, in all likelihood  they would have been packaged similar to the later lampposts.  Example pictured below.0D488FB1-D2CD-4388-93B6-C8FFF362C006


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  • 0D488FB1-D2CD-4388-93B6-C8FFF362C006
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they are similar to Marx, but Marx marked their items most of the times. the only markings are on the bottom. (pat applied for). maybe thet never got it

For whatever it's worth the later actual lamppost which I pictured earlier had no Marx identifying inscriptions on it anywhere.  It was only inscribed with "Made in U.S.A."   As you said Marx marked their items "most of the time."  With Marx you never quite know for sure because the only thing consistent about their finished products were their inconsistency.  I think that's one of the things which makes them so beloved.    However, as shown, the packaging with the later lamppost is clearly labeled Marx.

I think these street lamps have been identified on here before as being marketed by Noma. Sometimes you can find them with an end on the wires that screws into a string of Christmas lights.  I seem to remember that Steve Eastman posted a photo of the lamp posts and their box.

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Edit:  Here is an old thread that addresses the lights.

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