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This week I got a new Williams O scale “Eggliner “.  I also found a company that prints O scale rolling stock to go along with them. I spoke to the owner Jon and he was very helpful and custom made colors for the gondola I ordered. It came today and it is great you can order it with couplers and wheels if you wish.  There is a special piece that fits right on to the Eggliner with a Kaydee coupler that you can order as well. Here are a few pics and video.



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I'm just getting back into O scale after a 15 year stint in G scale.  I was in Nicholas Smith Trains yesterday for the first time in many years.

The first thing I noticed was the Williams O Scale Eggliners. I have 14 g scale eggliners as I'm a big fan of them for the novelty and kids love them.

I've been debating getting rid of them as I thin out the G scale herd.   Seeing the O scale eggliners available, I'll probably sell off the g scale ones to finance a few of the O scale ones.

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