Emergency E-Stop Circuit and Protection for track power (TIU Passive mode).

I have constructed a Dual Channel circuit protection panel with built in remote "E-Stop" circuits.  This panel provides for two channels with a 10 ampere circuit breaker per channel.  Along with the circuit breaker protection I also have a "remote" E-Stop circuit which allows a "shut down" of all power to 2 input channels of my MTH TIU. I can have 4 (or more) E-Stop "pushbuttons" located around the perimeter of my layout which allow for emergency shutdown of power to the layout.

Since I use TIU Passive Control no power is connected to the TIU input channels.   Only the TIU output channels are connected to power.

Power to the track is provided by an MTH Z4000.  A separate Z750 brick is used to power AUX input to the TIU. 

The dual channel E-Stop circuit includes a 25 amp relay circuit which "disconnects" the Z-4000 outputs whenever an E-Stop button is pressed. The E-Stops allow immediate shutdown of power to the track without the need to shutdown the TIU.  A built in Reset button on the panel restores power.

I also have individual circuit breaker protection for the track power using another custom made panel.

E-stop panel 001

E-stop panel 002

E-stop panel 003

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