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The track was not rusted but there was a dirty tint on the track that alcohol (91 & 99%) and Acetone did not clear.  The dirty tint is now GONE !!!

Yep, learned the hard way about Acetone-use carefully (wipe on and quickly wipe off)  DO NOT SOAK!!!!! Will put the track back on the layout tomorrow, hopefully the pins will conduct electricity.


@BReece posted:

After soaking several pieces Fastrack in EVAPO-RUST, I noticed some of the connecting pins had turned "BLACK"  , Anyone else experience this and are the pins ruined? Tried to wipe  the pins and this helped very little.

Yes the EVAPO-RUST worked on the track very well.

Comments appreciated.


I have repaired and restored a lot of a switches, many badly rusted, and use my Dremel with a wire  brush to clean up the pins.  It works beautifully.   Many of them have been horribly rusted. 

Evapo Rust is used by railroad lantern collectors to restore lanterns.. I used to be a member of Key Lock  Lantern, and they swear by the stuff. 

For "dirt"  on fastrack that isnt easily removed with liquid cleaners .

I've found a mildly abrasive track cleaning block like the one in Lionels track maintenance kit does the trick.

Scrub the bad areas. Then wipe down with 91% isopropyl on a paper towel to avoid lint and the track is like new.

To each their own,but there's really no need to experiment with new fangled mystery cleaners that claim to do miracles.

Ask Lee Willis about simple green and his fastrack.

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I use Evapo-Rust for bringing back old hand tools. It’s very effective but there are some possible perils with plated items. I’ve used it with objects in an ultrasonic cleaner, sealed Tupperware, a five gallon bucket and in one case a homemade pvc pipe enclosure for a long hand plane. I’ve left things soaking for a couple of days to some disasters that I let sit for the better part of a year.

i almost always follow up a soak with wire wheel or a blasting cabinet. If possible I always try to test a metal or finish I’ve not worked with before.

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