Happy Father's Day, you guys..... a bunch of the Muffin kids showed up last night to surprise ole MrMuffin for Father's Day - how wonderful... Crumbcake came in from California and Croissant from Chicago..... 

We have a sale going on through Sunday night - free shipping on orders of $100 or more on top of our already discounted pricing... use discount code FD2018 when ordering...

If you're not a regular to our website - we have the most functional searching capability and it's very easy to use - plus with the largest inventory of MTH Premier and Atlas O, and yes some Lionel too, you should check us out....

Did I mention Korber Models and Ameritowne kits too? 

Here's a link to this weeks newsletter - we send these out weekly - please sign up!

Our website is at www.mrmuffinstrains.com


Our Korber Models website is at www.korbermodels.com


To get the weekly newsletter from MrMuffin'sTrains with new arrivals; product photographs; product announcements; special sales and discount codes for our website - sign up here!


We have over 150 layout videos up on YouTube and they're available on our website. 



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