The S-Fest cars from 2010. (Sorta) 


After being in Sanda Kan limbo for almost two years, the S Scale America/CASG EJ&E boxcars are arriving.


rFest 10 060912 01


rFest 10 060912 02


There were supposed to be two distinct paint schemes (the other solid green with different EJ&E lettering) but S-K did what they felt like doing and shorted SSA & CASG on the order. 


CASG has been contacting individual order holders, verifying if they still want the cars and refunding for cars not delivered.


Still, they're nice cars and converting them to scale takes less than 5 minutes.




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That is a nice set, it is a shame the factory is taking "Liberties" (An older word for you young folks...) with the specs.

A living Steam Engine hauling a train with commerce, reaching across time and space; is a wonderful journey undertaken by Man.


A product of our fine College System that has been made redundant by imports of Foreign Workers willing to push a Keyboard for a living.

i originally ordered one of each and by the virtue of having very low registration number, was given the option of a second two-tone car or a refund.


I think these are the last SSA cars out of S-K, so there might be some kind of perverse historical significance.



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