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My DCS Remote Control needed a new thumb wheel and cleaning. I used an authorized hobby shop and received my RA Number. Return Authorization to MTH in St. Joseph, Michigan. It was returned to my mailbox on April 4th.

But, on the return trip it was lost in the mail and became a complex issue to solve. Took about six days for it to be located. The process even involved the postal inspectors and the branch manager.

After all the chaos, I have been testing the DCS Remote and it has never worked better. Note: I installed 5.0 before this trip started.

I am 100% satisfied with the outcome, with this service call.  This is the first time it went to St. Joseph, Michigan.  The trips starting point below…….MTH USPS ReceivedCheers from Train Room Gary Pan 2 View


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  • MTH USPS Received
  • Cheers from Train Room Gary Pan 2 View
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