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Just received my first PS-3 engine, 20-20720-1 NYO&W 44 Tonner.  

I have to say the model is very well done, and runs very smooth at all speeds.  Now for the questions...

I have not set up the DCS system yet and am testing in conventional control.  I did this using my TMCC system in conventional mode, and tried it using just my KW transformer as well.

First, the bell horn and bell function using the TMCC remote performed inconsistently.  Using the KW alone, the horn would not activate at all.

Second, when power is cut off, the loco goes "dark" after a few seconds, with no shut down sequence.




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If you are using the original 1995ish Powermaster with TMCC, the results with all MTH locos (PS1, 2 and 3) in conventional mode are unpredictable. I'm guessing that's the culprit. The KW and similar postwar transformers may also give inconsistent results with features like horn and whistle of modern command locos in conventional mode in my experience.  You'll almost certainly have better luck in conventional mode or command mode with the DCS/TIU and any MTH loco.    I wouldn't worry too much about these anomalies unless they occur with MTH power/control.  If you have an MTH Z-1000, Z-750 or Z-4000 or similar transformer you might want to try that.

"My TMCC setup is 2002ish.  Shoud that work?"

It's not the TMCC, per se, but the Powermaster.  Mike Reagan has said that the new Legacy Powermasters will work with PS1, PS2 and PS3 in conventional mode.  With the older Powermasters, it's a crap shoot. Depends on the Powermaster and the loco.  The old TPC300/400 devices also have the programming to successfully deal with the needs of PS1,2 and 3 in conventional mode, so I'm assuming you don't have one of those.  Since these are command locos, unless you don't like command, I'd definitely try the DCS/TIU setup with the loco before assuming it has a problem.

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