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My current layout came down due to a job relocation to Florida. Rather than put my collection of Atlas O 3 Rail track and switches into storage, I'm offering it for sell below. It was all bought new a few years ago and was gently used. Some pieces have holes drilled into the rails to attach feeder wires per our own Ingeniero No. 1's (Alex) method. The pieces were not ballasted, but some pieces have cinders ground cover on the ends of the ties. All switch machines work.

I also have a partial box of Midwest O Scale Cork roadbed available.

Please add actual shipping costs from 47904 or 32205. Local pickup also available and, depending on distance, I would also be willing to meet at a mutual location.

All reasonable offers considered.

Contact info is in my profile. Thanks for looking!

Item #DescriptionSale price per pieceQuantity Available
6011O-81 curve$8.9716
6012O-81 1/3 curve$5.391
60151 1/4" straight$2.395
6024#5 Turnout Left Hand$95.973
6025#5 Turnout Right hand$95.973
605010" straight$5.3730
60514 1/2" straight$4.779
60521 3/4" straight$2.693
60535 1/2" straight$4.778
605840" rigid straight$19.177
60591 3/4" uncoupling track$15.571
6060O-54 curve$4.951
6061O-54 1/2 curve$4.781
6062O-72 curves$7.7722
6063O-72 1/2 curve$5.552
6071O-54 right$77.976
6072O-72 Left Hand Remote$77.973
6073O-72 Right Hand Remote$77.971
6094track screws from 6 packs$12.00
Partial case (19 pieces) of Midwest O Scale Cork Roadbed$35.00
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