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E2236D5C-70E5-47A8-A72C-654DDD540351B83BA410-7030-43F0-BE07-9E152C6FD9F7B144288F-1A3B-499F-9865-52331A3363480CF9A4CC-CDF1-45B5-8B5E-EE66C9BD3408For sale is a new in the box set of 6 MTH Premier Double Sheathed Box Cars. The set features die cast sprung trucks and detailed ABS bodies in a dark Tuscan color with the vivid Santa Fe logo. Price $180.00 plus shipping. Photos available on request. Reach me at:


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  • E2236D5C-70E5-47A8-A72C-654DDD540351
  • B83BA410-7030-43F0-BE07-9E152C6FD9F7
  • B144288F-1A3B-499F-9865-52331A336348
  • 0CF9A4CC-CDF1-45B5-8B5E-EE66C9BD3408
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