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My pointers for people doing videos that makes it better for the viewer, regardless of resolution:

Film in landscape mode only

Don't constantly jerk the camera back and forth

Don't use low rent effects, filters, etc

Stabilize your camera if it doesn't have good stabilization software built in

Don't be afraid to tweak your phone camera settings, you can always easily go back to default and either way changing settings won't hurt anything, there are so many useful settings on modern phone cameras like low lighting, bright lighting, action, etc

If you need to have sound or narration, do this separately, there's plenty of free software for it

When using music, it should fit the scene(s) and not be overbearing

I have seen wonderful YoutTube videos done with phone cameras and absolutely horrible YouTube videos done with other cameras, especially GoPro.


Hi Gary:

Just checking back: Have you narrowed down your camera search?  Here is behind the camera in my train room. Using a Canon DSLR - T6i. I always set up two soft boxes with color corrected lights. This Camera also has Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, but I prefer to use a disc reader or cable to transfer the images.

I taught Graphic Arts, Photography & Yearbook for 36 years. The Canon Rebel has been the most popular camera for high school and college photography students for over 30 years, even back in the film days.

The Canon Rebel T8i, T7i & T6i are the most recommended camera by Photography Instructors & Yearbook Advisors. This camera does video and still photography.

1 Canon T612 Canon T61

Hope this helps: Gary 🚂


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  • 1 Canon T61
  • 2 Canon T61

A YouTube "channel" is an account with Google/YouTube where you can upload videos. Since everything there is video related, YouTube calls it a "channel" just like the old TV channels. My YouTube channel is HERE. You solicit people to subscribe to your channel. All your subscribers will get an alert any time you upload something new.

Your channel can be divided up into Playlists. My link will take you to my Playlist page, where you can see I've posted a variety of videos there of differing subjects. I will be adding a lot more as time goes on, but very few of them will be railroad videos. They will be mostly family videos.

Here is an important point about YouTube. Because it is free, the videos you post there will survive you. Unlike a paid account at other video sites (Vimeo, for example) there is no payment to be made here...the account is free. My primary motivation in establishing a YouTube channel is to get our family videos there for future generations to watch and enjoy. I have a lot more videos to add there as time goes on.

YouTube channels can be monetized, but it's unlikely that any of us will ever be able to do so. You must have at least 30,000 subscribers to monetize a YouTube channel.

SmartPhone Cameras have come a long way. Most of the scenes in this video were shot with my phone.

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