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Several years ago I think 3rd Rail/Sunset proposed a B&O C-15 baggage car.  A C-15 is a 50' baggage car with a single door on each side, blue with gold graphics. I think they were used in express service rather than passenger service.  Did Scott receive enough orders to make this car? I could be mistaken and GGD offered an express reefer or box car in B&O blue with gold. Thank you, John

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I had one of my C-15 cars on display at the Sunset / 3rd Rail booth at York a number of years ago. Scott decided that rather than him doing it I should do it on my own. I had forgotten about the project but need to revive it.

As I recall we were going to price the cars around $350 each since they would be custom made. I know a lot of B&O guys were interested. However, being interested and purchasing are two different things.

My car is absolutely correct for a C-15. I still have the pattern for the very unusual trucks. The B&O had 100 of these express cars and I used to see them all the time on passenger trains running through Baltimore. I even saw a photo of one of them that was painted B&O blue and gray with yellow stripes although all the ones I saw were painted solid blue with a single yellow stripe.

R. Heil - Sunset Models / 3rd Rail


1) If you do the C-15 and the $350 price point is close to reality, I'm in...of course.

2) Deb and I have a new family addition, Sophie, as of this past keep Millie company (at least that's Sophie's relentless plan.  Millie's not so sure so far!).


3) I'd like to think we'd see you and Scott in October (York), but we had to give up the motorhome.  MI to PA ,  "Visite des Halls", and back is hardly a day trip.  Ergo...




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