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Charlienassau posted:

check us out, Northern for 299.99, freight cars with sound, reg. Freights, diesels, pass. Cars at unbelievable prices,!


New AF wheel sets at 5.99 reg. 19.99 list. Buy a dozen and get them for 5.00 each!

Where on the site?


So the only Northern that shows on sale for the 299 Is the Milwaukee Road 265.  The NYC and UP are listed at the normal price looks like.  According to the inventory, they have 43 Milwaukee Road Northerns!  

While I have mostly stepped out of S, I did keep a few things, including all my Milwaukee Road rolling stock.  So this sale works well for me.  



Are these showing on a special "sale" page? A search for AF returned a total of 39 items on 2 pages (which also showed an HO Bachmann set, a couple of Lionel O scale items, plus a classic Gilbert Defender set). The Milwaukee Northern was shown @ $299, as well AF lettered waffle box cars, and a couple of cylindrical hoppers, along with several Fastrack items at about 20% off list, and although the Northern is a great price (is it Bluetooth capable?), the list didn't indicate there was a special huge sale going on,unless I missed a link somewhere.

Bill in FtL

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