I am attaching the Scarm and jpg export of the two outer loops of my layout.  I am looking for ideas how to fill in the middle.  I have all the O-48/O-60 curves and straights you can think of.  All the switches I have are in the drawing in Orange.  The popups are cut out and finished.  I could make small changes to the popups like add a corner or something.  I challenge my fellow railroaders to blow my mind.

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John Rowlen posted:

Santa Fe Jim,  Very nice work.  How about a connector switch between the two long ladder storage yards?

Sincerely, John Rowlen

I can’t take ANY credit.  I found the track plan in J.Martin’s profile.

As always... Counting the days till Christmas.


The first thing to deal with is to correct the elevation of the Lavender line. It is only 1.75" elevated in the upper left corner. 

What do you feel is sufficient height for your locos and rolling stock plus the tunnel structure and upper deck material? The final bottom of the elevated track roadbed height is the number that is needed to set the grades and the level elevated area.

The middle should have a result that provides what you need for entertainment. 

Do you hands off running of trolleys and cars in a town with local train(s) moving through? Do you want a producer and a customer and tracks to pick up and deliver product? 

Having the mainlines gets your trains from A to B and permits hands-off running - what does your list of givens and druthers look like for middle? You weren't having fun with it and decided for a redo, so, what is it that will be fun for you?

Do you have structures and/or accessories that you worked into the redo?

Well, I discovered that are working with FasTrack whilst attempting to correct the fitment to permit elevating the Lavender line. Is the correct?


Arctic Railroad

If  a total stranger asked me for advice about a layout I would ask him three questions first. 1. Your age. 2. Do you have any health issues 3. Is finance a problem. Of course the blokes that have gave you advice already maybe know you personally, so disregard my suggestions completely, don't even read further.


1. If you are getting on in years it could be your last layout if your young it could be the start of many.

2.If you have a back problem for an example you would need no duckunders and layout height could be critical if your young and fit no worries build it how you want it.

3. If finance is not an issue and you make mistakes with this one who cares, trash it and build a better one learning from your mistakes if you have a limited budget and this is your 'dream" layout to keep forever think carefully.

Layouts are not expensive, they can't be, I have rebuilt mine many times and I don't have any money!

So if you want to get good sensible results state those things first then a planner has something to work on. Roo.

I have to play the devils advocate here. There is WAY too much going on in the center of the proposed idea. Lots of clutter and very little yard capacity. Why not come up with a yard lead along the left side going up and 4  track yard going along the longest width? Nick



No such thing as over kill-do it RIGHT.                                                                                                                             

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