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I've seen some beautiful fascia work here in past posts but searched and can not find the ones I'm looking for. There was one with natural wood that was lightly burned. Another I liked looked like riveted metal. My fascia will be partly incorporated into the scenery. I'd like to see as many ideas as possible thanks to all in advance.

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I had a 4' X 8' sheet of luan cut to the widths I wanted at Lowes (They charge for a cut), I clear coated them with Urethane, then mounted them 1 inch above the surface of the layout with 4 screws per 8 ft.  That not only covered the 1 X 4 frame, but gave that lip for scenery & derailment safety.  Maybe not for everyone, but I like the light wood look.  These pictures are 1 to 4 years old, so most of what you see here is unfinished & yes I plan on a skirted look below.



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0ED472F9-C668-4880-BD10-23E3AF941E39321A7776-17D5-43EC-A7BD-ABCD7B5E72C042A2C9A1-A15B-4FB6-8A9C-CBD1271381910CF6EE88-B92A-4A6C-9E22-6795BAE12E6E3ECAAA9C-5C73-4654-9739-34543895676DHi All,

Here are a few fascia photos from the ES&T division of the New Haven RR.  The luan fascia was cut on a table saw, enabling a variety of widths as needed.  I like the flexibility since it was nailed in place with many curves.  I used friends and clamps to assist with the installation🤣, done with an air powered brad nailer.  Town names are custom cut vinyl done by one of my sons.  

We have a round-Robin operating group which meets on Fridays, hence the waybill pockets pictured.  There are 6 of those, in each yard or industrial area.  


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I have some areas where I wanted the fascia to actually be "scenic" so that when I take track level photos, the scene doesn't end at the table edge.  Just a thought.  I have only done this under the station for the moment, and actually the center panel is a "drawer" front that slides out so I can access a small control panel that operates switches in this area.   I definitely plan to do this elsewhere on my layout. 

DSC02998DSC03001DSC03002DSC03018 [2)


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I use a canvas type cloth, held to the train table using Velcro. This allows me to remove when needed. I store 2-hi bankers boxes under the table, so I need access from time to time, and there is no room for a fascia without reducing the height which would not allow the stacked bankers boxes to fit.

Some of the stuff under the table is non-train related.

2017 113


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Fascia Board • Real Train Patches • Matching Window & Table Drape

My Man Cave

1 Main Line

Patches on the mainline fascia board.

2 Main Line

More patches on the fascia.

3 West Side copy

Eastside of town. The road names on the wall, along with a handwheel from a boxcar & real crossing gate light help with the final touches.

4 West Side

The westside of town, with matching table drape and window curtains.

My Train Layout - Brief Specs

      This layout is a shelf layout - 24 feet long with about 10 foot turnarounds on each end.

      4 Mail Lines with 7 sidings,

      Track: Tubular Track by K-Line Shadow Rail on a cork road bed. (No longer in production)

      Lionel and K-line 0 Gauge Switches

      Main Transformer: Lionel ZW-L with 4 180W Powerhouse Bricks

      Second Transformer: Lionel CW 80

      Control Systems: Lionel Cab 1 • Lionel Universal Remote • LionChief Plus Remotes

      • Lionel’s Bluetooth APP • LVC Lionel Voice Control

      • MTH DCS & Wi-Fi

Gary 🚂


Images (4)
  • 1 Main Line
  • 2 Main Line
  • 3 West Side copy
  • 4 West Side
@Ron045 posted:

Your going to the wrong Lowes.    Lowes and Home Depot cut a lot of things for me for free.

This facia.


And every one of my ceiling tiles which were 4x8 sheets of paneling.

Have fun.  And get free cuts.✂️


Every store is not run by the same person.  My store states a charge for each cut, but they actually only charged me for one cut total out of 2 sheets. That was over 12 cuts total I needed at a charge of 25 cents (several years ago).  That was easier than me running my table saw.

Chris A,  what brand of switch control is that on your control panel please?    I like the compact look of those, compared to the old Lionel levers.

Many folks here are saying that they used Luan.  Are you sure it was Luan, and not an underlay structure board such as Sure-Ply or Ultra-Ply?  (Lowes and Home Depot often have them in the same section as Luan.)

The reason I ask is that most of the Luan I see has cloudy grain, and Luan has natural oils in the woods that leach to the surface.  Whereas, the more expensive structure board is a high quality wood, with nice straight grain, often red oak.

Your facia's look really great, so I just wondered if it was really Luan.



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