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I’ve never had this much trouble posting to any site I’ve visited. I use an iPad mini, with most utd iOS version available. Asking as a very old (joined OGR Forum in 10/00) noob. This is, for me, an entirely new format. For example, every time I upload pictures to my for sale ad, the narrative is exploded all over the post, and loses its coherency. In addition to that, all links of MTH product numbers come up as phone numbers. That’s different. All answers appreciated. Thx.

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I too use an iPad, well several different ones ranging from new to nearly a decade old, and occasionally my iPhone.  Their thinking every number displayed is a phone number is a common nuisance, you just can't click any numbers typed in as a hot link.  You have to enter them manually, not sure why they think 5 or 14 digit part numbers are telephone exchanges...but they do.  

I've never had trouble posting pictures however.  When I hit the "add attachments" link at the bottom right of the block I'm typing in, my available photos to be used pops up automatically.  I browse whichever photo album the picture is in, choose it, and it pops up below the text I've written.

For example, here's my two year old contemplating why daddy spends all her college money on trains.




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Placement of pictures loaded as attachments can be a pain with the iPad.   Another solution is to start your post and press return to create an empty line.   Then load ALL of your pictures in the order you want them and check the "insert photos . . ." check box.   After the pictures are all inserted, place your cursor where you want to add text and start typing.  To insert text between pictures, place the cursor to the right of a picture and press return to create a line.

Another problem is that sometimes when I want to add a link to a word, the toolbar is scrolled off the page.   When I try to scroll, the word is no longer highlighted.  Not sure what to do about this one.


@RRDOC posted:

Another solution is to start your post and press return to create an empty line.

That is exactly what I said in my post above. "When you post an image, it will go into your post wherever the cursor is at that moment...Make a new line with the return key, then attach the image..."

You don't have to load all the images at the top of a post. You can put them wherever you want within your post. All you have to do is, "...Make a new line with the return key, then attach the image..."

THe other night, my iPad mini updated to the latest software (14.4). I’m now noticing that the ogr forum is displaying graphics in a very strange manner. For example, all non photo poster labels are oversized next to the posters name. it looks like this - 243033D2-8233-4128-85AD-F0CF2D302921

I’m  also getting a notice that my time zone is wrong and that I need to change it, but when I click he prompt to change it, I get a notice that the page is not available. Here are the screens -


I’ve also noticed that the bars on the upper left hand corner are no longer visible. If you click the area where they once were, though, you can see the account, search alerts, etc. and other features hat usually appear when you touch the bars.  When posting at the bottom of a thread, the post box where you enter the text is now about half a page long.  

Has any other iPad user that upgraded experienced these weird changes or did my install go bad?  


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