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I was running trains today.  When I started up my Bigboy the display was “G014”.  This is ongoing nuisance with random locomotives losing their first digit, sometimes to a character, other times to just a block.  I’m pretty sure I read something about this on the Forum.  I was wondering if there was ever a fix for this that I might have missed.

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@cjack posted:

Seems like I’ve heard of this issue, but can’t think if there’s a documented reason

Odd, I've never seen this issue.

From JonZ at the April 2014 Legacy Meeting...

16. How come the first digit in the engine number displayed on the screen when
scrolling becomes garbled? Please see the photo below. I fix it with the LSU
and almost instantly the first digit becomes scrambled again. What is the fix for
this? (T4TT)

JZ I hate to admit it, but this has eluded us for years. Although with
Version 1.52 I have not seen this happen very often. Clearing the engine
record fixes the road number. (Mike Reagan indicated that the cause of
this issue has been found very recently and should be fixed in a future



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