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Currently, no.  Lionel does have some A-B-A Lioncheif engines that are pre-configured in a lashup but that's about it. Lionchief 2.0 engines can be configured in a lash-up if you run them in TMCC mode with a CAB1 or newer remote.

Lionel might incorporate lashup abilities with older Lionchief & Lionchief plus engine within the Base3 but that has yet to be seen.

Back to the OP question, he was asking about LC+ engines, which I don't think were equipped with Bluetooth. I know mine don't have it. It appears RxTrack's solution (although it appears some of the readers had some problems with it) only applies to engines equipped with Bluetooth. In that case, H1000 is correct, that presently, LC+ engines cannot be MUed (to use the correct term ).

" It appears he didn't test any LC+ engines."

LionChief + should behave, in command mode, pretty much as the original non-Bluetooth LionChief locos, I would hazard a guess. Radio frequency LionChief (LionChief) or RF command plus conventional (LionChief +).  Worth trying I suppose, for those who really like the Universal Remote.

All older LionChief,  and LionChief+ locos came with their own unique remotes, so one could improvise by using the two remotes and set the locos at the same adjusted speed.  Would need to adjust both remotes to keep them in sync speed-wise, and control sounds using each loco's remote.

For identical locos as part of a multiple unit, both locos of this sort should respond to a single unique remote (but perhaps not the Universal Remote necessarily, although that might work).

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